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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 8, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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dishpanned from -- pounced from behind the. and a wildfire burns out of control. >> i think it is important people are aware of what is going on. as california secretary of state comes forward and you remember too, from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter, k p i x this morning. well, good morning, it is monday september 8th, time now is 6:00 and it is time to check in with elizabeth. >> all eyes are on muni, if you are a train rider, we have a couple of things to note, muni was abducted by a pedestrian
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and pedestrians was sent to the hospital in the bay view neighborhood shortly after five. between williams and sunny dale and they are all due to mechanical issues and 8th strain number one is on time and some are dealing with massive delays. everything else is on time and this is a live look at the scar star bridge. all -- san raffle bridge. you are stacked up on the over crossings, pushing forward and that's the latest in your drive to work. more on your forecast, here is roberta. easy this morning, elizabeth, as you are getting
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readied to head out the door, it is mild outside, take a look, we have numbers and they are stack being up anywhere from the 50s at the beaches, 60 degrees back into the hills of berkeley, west winder wind wind -- west wind, finally pillow -- below axe. and other inland areas will be our outside number noticed by mid-week, those are the two warmest weeks, back to you guys. hunting he he can -- expedition, it happened on the hills just above cup cup on the -- cupper tino. here is more for the search this morning. >> the probability of another
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attack is very lie, so come sunrise, they will hit the trail with four dogs specialerly -- specially trained. this is near the winery, they were two miles away from the nick nick grounds and dragged into the bushings. it was later up graded and if they find it they will have to put it down. the boy was no more than 10 feet away from his parents when the animal pounded. -- pounced. >> he absolute lit could have killed the little boy so the boy is lucky to be alive. >> reporter: if the search team
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finds any mountain lions in the area they will shoot to kill. it has shown to be very aggressive so the wardens are not going to be taking chances. >> you say they will shoot to kill but how do they know they have got the right one. >> they will do some dna testing and they will take the saliva off the shirt and that's how they will have the right one. live near cupper tino in the newsroom. good morning, michelle the help is needed and more than 1,000 buildings are yellow tagged and more than 1,000 is red tagged. they are looking for help and it will be 1st street and
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silverado trail. they can get in for building permits and other resources. the aid comes more than two weeks after the largest bay area earthquake. meanwhile san francisco is requiring private schools to upgrade earthquake safety measures and they will not have to meet them and there would not have an tub grade. hackers have broken into the school's web server. they stole more than 600,000 people's security information and everybody's whose information was stolen is being notified by male. and -- mail. they say he is spewing a
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refrigerator unit and the suspect is described as being in his 50s. at. >> some are helping an autistic boy get back with his family over the weekend. he wandered off and the boy does not speak so they were worried about being able to track him down. police say he stumbled into a homeless camp. they took him in, gave him food and shelter, and and a hike heiress crude from a trail yesterday had to be -- rescued from a trail yesterday had to be airlifted. a second woman suffering from the heat was put on a stretcher. temperatures reached the 90s and first sponsors said none of
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them had enough water. >> you need to know your limitations. >> people in good physical shape can pass out for temperature exhaustion without water. battling depression. bow win has suffered and what i think happened they found out about it and went and asked about it. she is in her second term and will be turned out at the end of this year. she is not currently running for another office. members of congress head back to work after their summer resource they had a busy agenda to avoid another government shut down. many congressional leaders are hitting the campaign trail and
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all 3500 seats in the house are up -- house are up for grads in the house. some people think it is a virus which shows symptoms of a bad cold and can hit -- cold and can hit kids very strongly which requires hospitalization particularly if it triggers serious asthma attacks. >> ten states have contacted us for investigation of these illnesses. authorities are convinced the plane crashed in the southern indian ocean. satellite data and radar information indicates the plane turned of course and most likely went down around the time it would have run out of
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fuel. even now no plane has been found. and heavy rain is flooding roads. >> how a bay area naturest resort is feeling the affects of the drought. and it is certainly not as warm as it will be tomorrow, we have your full forecast straight ahead. and the big league that stalled northbound getting finance healthier, plus more during your commute kx i x -- x p i x, let's see if your question gets answered, we will
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be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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get a free quote at for more flash flooding tod. tropical storm norbert off e baja california coast is bla . people in the southern california desert, tropical storm norbert is being blamed for a sudden thunderstorm which affected them with water and mud. they dumped about two inches of rain in just about an hour. >> how deep is it? >> about 8 feet. there are three cars out there. >> more is expected in southern california nevada and or zone. they are -- arizona. they are showing some big problems. they are determined to conserve while reserving their way of life. >> reporter: at the lodge clothing may be optional but water, that that is a necessity. >> we have not had an issue
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with having enough water. >> reporter: lori k-stout runs the resort, two wells and a creek and spring are all nearly bone dry. >> all of our water resources are low and it is getting lower. >> reporter: the 87,000-gallon water tank gets low and then they ship in water. it does not keep them from drying up as the forest dries up the lack of water changes the community. >> i don't fear we are going under, up fear we can't do everything we would luke to do because of water restriction is. >> the resort has cut back
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significantly. military shoppers. temperature, never kicks in. each person is asked to donate 3 gallons of water with the hope it will remain a paradise for another seven years. >> i think people are coming here to so long and they will continue to donate water so that it helps them continue to enjoy the resort. >> the resort used 6 gallons of water and it is down from the 10,000 they used to use. it is 6,000 and we are getting another check of our water. anthony kennedy strive and
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when they are finished with their work they need homes. >> one of the fundraisers you did, what saturday? >> it began with a dipper and we had a 100-mile bike ride and we raised $4 million but what was spectacular? the view. this is the scene i snapped. was that incredible, it was between monterey and that was mile 64 and actually we a saw a wail off the coast and they were justs if follow licking. >> i hope you had a great weekend as well, outside we had clouds greeting you and temperature weiss, winds are -- temperature ice this is --
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temperature wise, under motorcyclistly cloudy skies, air temperature 58 degrees and we will be cooler tailed compared to yesterday and the warmest days of this workweek are still to come. futurecast, at least a few good miles and tweeting back in and take a look at the super moon. it will be the 5th one of this year and it is a super half vast moon as well. upper level trough. high pressure builds in its wake. meanwhile the damage is done, the cooler air is associated bringing our number down today and on thursday. here is your forecast. 68 degrees upper 50s to the
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north and men seen know in the highs rent you have the her mid- 80s. and inland will be mid-week. that is your weather, hi, elizabeth. we are starting to see cars backed up all the way to the maze. you are looking at 25 minutes to get you onto the bridge. and on to the bridge, there are speed sensors and all of that bottlenecks is right before the bay bridge toll plaza. here is a live look and it looks good. and we are not seeing much of a delay, slightly slowing conditions 101 passing the 680 interchange but all is clear on our drive times, we see some slowing and we see some yellow sensors in the northbound
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commute and it appears to be an early morning and it looks clear testimony and we have some muni delays and train delays. there is a muni accident on carolina and third street in the city's bay view. they are looking to set up a bus route and again it is affecting the tee line. still dealing with those issues and we are between 45 and 60 minutes drive time to work. and back to you guys. it is 19 minutes after 6:00, the royal are family is growing and the dutches has announced they are expecting.
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his nfl debute, they showed it domination sensation coming up. >> what is cool at your school, you can e-mail your nominations to us and we mavis your school and -- may visit your school and it will be on our show. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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four turnovers. cowboy fans were running, up 7- 3 and under one of those turnovers, collin kaepernick and they win 28-17 and it was not that close. and they threw two touchdown passes in his debute. the judge spoke with a 71 touchdown to chris ivory from offense, the numbers go down again in the eastern time zone. he walked ago and astros have had-3 -- have 4-3. they are trailing and there goes miguel melky cabrera. two run shot. so the giants fall in the national league west but remember they are looking
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really good in the wildcard standing. serena williams wins the u.s. championship, afterwards they went out for drinks around serena williams : am and more importantly, look at the catch, a.j. green he ended up making the difference beating them 23-16. and they are back and we love it. 6:25 brings george is going to be a big brother, the dutches of cambridge is pregnant again. and search teams will be out on the frames come sunrise looking for an aggressive mountain lion, we've got a a
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. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is k p i x5 news. >> a mountain lion attack leaves a young boy in the hospital and this morning the cat is still on the prowl. a dramatic am rescue in yosemite. check out this video we will show you the pictures right before the helicopter helped. super moon of the year, the big question is will the clouds allow you to see it. this is probably a work around
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the bay area looking for the bay area along that i-84 cordon and your drive is coming up. i am brian in for frank, now at 6:30 the hundred for a mountain lion that attacked a 6- year-old boy is set to resume in the hills above cupertino. live with fish and wildlife officials they are getting ready to resume the search for that cat. >> reporter: this was a freak incident with a very aggressive mountain lion. there was nothing more they could have done out on the trail to protect themselves. >> reporter: the attack happened one mile from where the trail begins. the 6-year-old boy was attacked from behind. >> it was somewhat dragged through part of the brush,
6:31 am
multiple family members then came to his aid. >> this green shirt he was wearing was collected in order to match dna to the cat. >> he went from being in our trauma center from being admitted to the hospital and is now in fair condition. >> reporter: four search dogs were taken to search for the animal. >> reporter: as for the plan of action? >> the animal will be euthanized because we need to test for several things including rabies because it is prevalent among mountain lions and to test for rabies, the animal must be destroyed. >> reporter: they still enjoy the park settings but with added caution. >> we have gone hiking on the trails and gone running with the boys. >> reporter: are wildlife officials say the mountain
6:32 am
lions attack if they are in a stress full situation. but attacks are rare. >> 16 attacks since 1890. you are more likely to be struck by lightning than to be attacked by a mountain lion. >> the boy is attacked and has been upgraded from fair to serious condition. they are are getting readied to search for the mountain lion. they will not be twain kill eyes -- twinning killize being it right? >> well -- training quell lice being it right? >> well, they will have to are
6:33 am
do some rabies testing. back to you guys. roberta is here and by the way, you are talking about the super moon and next month will be a total eclipse of the moon. >> we had five full super moons beginning on new year's day and we had a blue moon as well as of month of january and now we wrap it up as the super moon. now i just got the second earthquake and kansas this morning at 3.9, they have seen 3.9 earths quakes within the last 30 minutes, we will keep a watchful eye on that and oklahoma has also been shaking for the past 10 into the east b
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and it's stacked up fully into the mcarthur maze, 580 is backed up to the interchange and very slow on 880. that is your latest, michelle, brian, back to you guys. and they are force being hikers out of yosemite park. it was really getting intense as it made its way out of the newsroom. more than 100 hikers needed a rescue because of the meadow fire. here are some pictures they posted to social media.
6:36 am
they were halfway up when they were told to sit tight and wait for the chopper. he and his friends were able to finish their hike as smoke rose up behind them e.this now covers 700 acres and they believe it is the small tail end of the fire which started last week. other areas of the park are still open. >> the winds are catching it and it was pretty scary i. >> right now the fire is moving pretty quickly and we are not sure what the fire is going to do so from an effort to keep everybody safe, we are getting them out as quickly as possible. several others are battling the ground fire and they have a several mile hike to even get
6:37 am
to the frontline. k p i x. it happened 5:30 p.m. on region street. it started on an -- started on an unattended stove. two dogs inside were trapped. one dog died, another is expected to survive. one firefighter suffered an injury which is not life- threatening. they are taking parts, several wells that supply water to the valley have essentially dried up. the local water division has shut down. >> they are rather full and that's what we are he can
6:38 am
tracking from dark extracting from. >> they don't have enough to help for a few years and they have already lasted several years. they are urging them to consider monitoring leaks and allowing them to see how they can conserve. another baby is on the way, kate the dutches of cambridge and their husband are expecting their second child. >> prince williams and kate are expecting another baby just one year after the first baby was born. royal aides have not announced a due date but she is suffering from acute morning sickness like she did with her first pregnancy. prince george is now third in line to the british thrown.
6:39 am
his little brother or sister will move ahead of uncle harry. they will also have a prince or princess, they ruled they will be given titles fit for a royal. cbs news linden. >> williams and kate are now 32 years and they have been trying for another child and here you go. >> another racism scandal, it has the atlanta hawks team member. and 1727, we will have a complete date on the report and jason brooks is standing pipe after the break. and pet lovers out there, we want to know more questions questionshyjyhjjjj. >> are they are giving you an
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norah o'donnel joins us nowm new york. good morning. ahead - president obama is t to announce a new plan agait isis later this week. c-i-a inside behind the scene . time now for a look at what is coming up this morning. >> good morning, brian and michelle. president barack obama is set to announce a new plan of action for isis and what to expect. plus respiratory illness is putting children across the country on edge and they are in blubbing hadn't pal is -- buckingham palace, you have all heard, they are expect being
6:44 am
their second child, this is the spare, we'll see you guys at 7:00. the san francisco company will help put whole foods across the country. they have a financial reporter jason brooks with more, good morning. whole foods will partner with another company in san francisco on delivering groceries ordered online within one hour. this will start out for them which they already order for whole foods in san jose and purchasers will get their delivery within one hour and they also plan on expanding in store pick ups. they are down slightly, and the
6:45 am
commerce giant placed it, it will debute its shares, big news for why who, who owns 20% and alley 0 bobber, still a massive number and they are expected to be a little bit cautious after facebook went into its ipo and paid the price on that. stock market added a good close and the job support this morning, pretty flat, lack of economic information, mixed action, let's take a look at the big board, the dow jones industrial average is over 20 minutes, nasdaq up 8 points michelle and brian, back to
6:46 am
youp am thanks guys and it sounds all too familiar. >>reporter: bruce is telling his -- selling his steak in the team. he talks about boosting low attendants at hawks games and my theory is the black crowd scared away the whites and there simply not enough black fans to build a season significant base. he told them toed awhite cheerleaders and music familiar a 40-year-old white guy. he told the nba about it himself realizing it was inappropriate and offensive. he agreed. >> first reaction when i read the e-mail was -- this guy was real dumb. >>reporter: 0 live -- levinson
6:47 am
is the second owner testimony. >> there were comments which led to the elimination of another team owner. >> at the time live vin son said this. >> they called levinson's remarks unacceptable but commented him for putting the league first and stepping aside. >> and the corp principles f-he said they will work with the ownership to see the teams' operation. time for the bent medal. those are on time leaving
6:48 am
stockton behind schedule and muni is experiencing delays. a man was injured after he was hit by a muni light rail train. he was transported to the hospital with head injuries. northbound 3rd, remains closed and that bus bridge is in place with heads-up, and muni riders are on the line. all riders are finally clear, it was involving delivery truck and it was right before they jammed up, even though all lanes are opened, it is very slow coming am across, that is 38 and it doesp loosen up. metering lights were turned on a little bitterly so you have been stopped at the -- a little
6:49 am
bit early so you have been stopped at the maze for a while. and the east shore freeway and westbound 508 is heavy from the 384 interchange. more on your forecast now, here is roberta. i am so happy you came into work talking about the full moon and i looked into it, it is the big harvest moon and it is also the term super moon, a and plop fully you can get out to it. >> axe rcameras are interest out of the west with an on shore flow 5 to 10-mile-per- hour, and this is san jose. in the santa clara valley, mostly cloudy skies and the clouds are trying to break up at this hour. we have some sunshine there,
6:50 am
cooler temperatures everywhere and we will have this middle portion of the workweek. let me show you what i am talking about. first off, by lunch hour we all clear out. clouds filther back on shore tonight after the 7:00 hour so you will be able to get out there and see that harvest moon. they are calling it a super harvest moon. it is ejecting to the east bringing down that cooler air masker cooler today than yesterday but warmer tomorrow as high pressure builds and then while it continue to concentrate on the state. and we are still looking at thunder shine and thunderstorms
6:51 am
could cause delay right around denver and then 60s and 70s and 80s and tomorrow it will be warmer and mid-week will be the warmest of all. now back to you. and we saw what some are calling the new popularrism. here to explain what that is, here is more. there was a governor's debate last thursday between the candidates for governor of our great state and we had the current governor jerry brown versus the republican candidate cash cary and guess what brought up poverty over and over again? >> cash gary. in fact we have a matchup.
6:52 am
>> and 24% were number 1 in poverty. >> he worked it into every answer. >> they were number one in poverty. >> so are we number one in poverty? >> yes, technically. according to the bureau if you look at the official national poverty line and you adjust it up to see how expensive it is to live in california, 24% is below that adjusted from poverty line and up would not this think we would be talking so much about poverty. >> he is a unique fellow but here is the thing, back in 2012, after the loss of the presidential election, the national republican party commissioned a study on what
6:53 am
they were doing wrong and how to fix it. people perceived government o.p. -- gop about the flight of the poor. now there was an issue and we are seeing republicans, even paul ryan and the partyies and in the meantime, the issue of inn equality ask still crick can i for -- tricky for some people. people will be served as most are and as you can see their hobo a tire is required. >> is -- attire is okay. >> is governor jerry governor jerry brown completely safe on the job? >> yes. and here now, 6:53 congress is back in session and isis is
6:54 am
on the agenda. day two begins for the search of an agrees i have mountain lion, we have a live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at to the capitol today with is on the agenda. president obama announced he'll will hold wmakers tu . five things to know, members return to congress, president barack obama announced he will hold meetings before spelling out plans to the nation wednesday to destroy the militant group. another baby is on the way and prince william will be 4th in line to the british thrown. and the meadow fire has
6:58 am
burned 700 acres, a few park trails are closed. and many -- two dogs were trapped by the flames, one was rescued and is expected to survive. a sudden thunderstorms swamped parts of riverside community yesterday. >> in the hills just outside of cupertino, a hunt begins for a mountain lion who attacked a little boy. they will begin to look for the cat. the attack happened a mile from where they start the and the boy was attacked from behind and dragged into the bushes. the boy went to the hospital in serious conditions, he was later upgraded to fair
6:59 am
condition and that boy was no more than ten feet away from his parents when the mountain lion pounced. >> is he extremely lucky, the animals are quite powerful and could have killed him so he is very lucky lucky to be alive. >> they will shoot to come a and ward answer take a look, we have the san mateo bridge is moving well and you can see great conditions as you are looking at the bay bridge and also at the beaches, clearing the coast today, 60s beaches, 70s bayside and warmer on tuesday. thanks for watching k p i x5,
7:00 am
and temperatures are pending that outcome, he will be here tomorrow. good morning. it is monday, september 8, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." the president prepares to unveil a plan to fight isis. insider mike morell on the new offensive. millions face the threat of flash flooding and a wildfire forces dramatic rescues at yosemite. there is very exacting news from london today. there's already health concerns for duchess kate. >> we begin with today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> all of a sudden it was a huge thunderstorm. >> severe flash floods and fires threaten millions. >> oh, my god. >> in southern california drenching rain and flooding. >> a couple people swimmin


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